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How is the energy so far? And top nutrients you should include in your diet - week 14

As the week 14 goes by I realized how my energy is back! I feel so grateful for that =) So I can be more me and do things I like but yes also respecting when I feel little tired and needs an extra rest too. I went kaiaking in the weekend and on a boat trip to Klein Curacao, witch is small island about 1 hour away by boat - baby gotta get used to water!

As I said during the first Trimester of my pregnancy I didn't have any nausea and mood swings...but I was felling very tired sometimes, but hey I guess it is a lot of energy to build a placenta and grown a new life!

Now that placenta is pretty much ready and most of baby organs are formed I can definitely feel it in my body as I am feeling with more energy. Also sleeping better witch is so great! I had some days of insomnia witch doesn't feel nice at all =( But hey I can't complain, I am so grateful for all!

Witch means I am keeping up with my daily yoga practice and 3 times a week a home work-out plus almost daily walks with the dogs. I am also thinking to start a work out planned by a personal trainer to tone more my body as I hadn't done so much last year..."just" yoga, acro yoga and climbing.

I will share soon a video of a Yoga practice I have been doing witch is more gentle, with focus on hips and the baby of course.

Ah! And this week also I have totally noticed the belly growing, getting bigger, so amazing to see those transformations!

For this week vegan mom to be was focused on calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. But had a "cheat" day too with Vegan pizza last night and today a croissant, this baby likes carbs! Oh and my sweet tooth is also back...but I try to stay with only fruits, dry fruits and a piece of dark chocolate once in a while. Also preparing my own deserts and stock my fridge with healthy goodies it is a good way to not get a cake somewhere..

And so those nutrients I can find on Avocado dishes, as an avocado-hemp spread, tofu, green veggies like arugula and spinach...

Most of the days my breakfast starts with papaya (now I have lots of papaya in my garden!) and oatmeal with seeds, nuts and dry fruits...but this week I had also avocado-hemp spread toast paired with Rooiboos tea latte with almond milk.

Now I am finally getting better in preparing tofu! This is a crispy oven baked tofu and after I sautéed with almond butter and maple syrup , was delicious! I paired with quinoa, kale and spinach, cucumber salad.

And a delicious and super easy banana "ice-cream" as it is getting hotter and hotter during the day, so a refreshing and energizing snack during a Sunday afternoon is soooo good =)

Banana homemade ice-cream

-1 ripe banana

--1 frozen ripe banana

-1/ teaspoon of cinnamon

Blend all in a blender and it is done!

For the topping:

-Melt a pure dark chocolate, mix with 1 3/4 tsp of date syrup (or maple syrup) and add to your ice cream.

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