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Plant based recipes


You’ll find wholesome plant based meals made with protein-rich whole grains, beans, vegetables and nuts. No weird "fake meat". Some recipes I get inspired from others added an Ayurvedic* and Brazilian touch; and some recipes were just created by myself. All very easy to prepare which don't require a lot of ingredients. Enjoy cooking and eating! Check Ayurveda in your Life for seasonal eating and tips! 


Red pumpkin dal

The sweet, oily qualities of coconut milk balance the dry qualities of lentils and astringent pumpkin.


Eggplant patties

Easy to make and delicious patties to eat with rice, quinoa, a salad or as a burger! The kids will love it too!

Rustic Meal

Vegan Feijoada

Vegan version of this traditional Brazilian dish, made with grounding vegetables and black beans, perfect for Fall or Winter.


Chickpea scramble

This easy recipe can be made for a breakfast in the weekend or to eat with your meal at lunch time.


6 tastes Budha Bowl

Using all 6 tastes, this bowl is a complete and balanced meal. You can also change the ingredients and create your own!


Vegan Pão de queijo

Traditional Brazilian cheese bread but a vegan version! Yes it is without cheese, but believe me it taste amazing and it is super light and healthy!


Vegan pancake (no banana!)

Were you looking for a vegan recipe without bananas? This is easy, fluffy and delicious!


Pumpkin/carrots ginger Soup

A typical Fall season soup with warming spices to create a balanced dish with grounding vegetables and oily coconut milk.


Cuscuz Paulista

Try this easy Brazilian dish with Ayurvedic spices, it is moist and flavorful!


Vegan Dhal Makhani

Indian inspired dish, filling and you can make it very spicy or not. It goes very well with basmati rice and/or chapati bread


Sweet Potato Bisque

A delicious Vata balancing dish. It is sweet, warm and delicious!!!


Fig Cardamom oat cup to go or bowl

The stable, grounding nature of almonds and oats will balance the erratic, mobile qualities if you need to eat on the go!


Zucchini fritters

Make this your own.  

Add the content you want. 


Pumpkin Spice Shake

A combination of ingredients to boost your imune system, it is spicy and delicious! And you can make your own variation, either warm, cold or even add a protein powder for after a work out.

Almond milk

Make your own almond milk at home! No additives  no sugar and very easy to make! 


Protein Energy Balls

Make this energy balls with the almond pulp from homemade almond milk! Just add all to a food processor and done! Store in the freezer and always have a quick healthy snack .


Pumpkin bread

This one bowl pumpkin bread is easy, spicy, and so so delicious! Make sure you add all ingredientes needed. It is delicious with nut butter for breakfast or an afternoon snack with tea. 


No bake brownie 


If you feel like eating a chocolate cake but don't want to use sugar and any flour! It is moist, sweet and taste like brownie!

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