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VINYASA is a flowing, dynamic yoga practice that cultivates presence by connecting movement with breath. Most classes feature several elements of traditional Ashtanga yoga— vigorous sun salutations, standing poses, preparation for arm balances & backbends, with focus on gaze point guided by a steady breath.

Tuesday Vinyasa Class - Everyone's welcome, from the adventurous beginner looking for a different practice to the intermediate/advanced student wanting a different perspective on the mat!  During the practice will have variations that enable you to practice at your own level while keeping up with the flow. In this practice we synchronize breath and movement and allows you to create a deeper absorption of awareness through a rhythmic moving meditation while practicing yoga; towards the end of the class we will hold some poses longer and do breathing exercises. Classes are at a beautiful location here in Curaçao, in Mari Pampoen, where we can watch the Sunset, enjoy the ocean breeze and connect and relax with the sound of the waves. The class is at a flat surface floor.

Kurunta Yoga - Is a practice that uses the help of fixed ropes or straps suspended in the wall by rings as well as the support of the wall itself, as instruments in the progressive construction of asanas (postures) and in the development of integral self-perception (mental, emotional and energetic-subtle) of the practitioner. 
At the physical level, this practice works by lengthening and stretching the body, unlocking the joints, increasing muscle tone, releasing tension, increasing capacity and breathing awareness, promoting movement, better posture and balance.
Promotes self-confidence, overcome of fears, diminishing anxiety and emotional balance . At a subtle level, it provides the flow of energy through the secondary chakra, aiding in the energy balance of the main chakras. When all internal energy flows freely, the body enjoys full and complete health.

The classes will be for small groups of maximum 4 people. But also available for private classes.

You can book a private class to attend for your own needs and Ayurvedic body type. 

Book a Private Yoga Class / Request a class at your company or team building event

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