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A day of a Vegan mom to be at 26weeks

Middle of 26weeks now, almost at the end of 6 months! Wow it is going faster now! Still going very well, and I am super grateful for that =) I am moving everyday with walks, short work outs and yoga; I also started following work outs from The Bloom Method ( very nice, and has great exercises to lessen the chance of abdominal separation with safe core exercises and express work outs that can be done in less than 10min! And believe me, it burns too!

The summer has really started here on Curaçao and it is just getting warmer...specially in the afternoons! I reduced the work on the office but I am still teaching Yoga, witch is totally fine, I love it and still have the energy to do it =) But sometimes in the middle of the afternoon the heat really get on me and I don't feel like doing much...I usually don't feel overheated easily but wow this days are getting super warm, will definitely need to use more the pool and air conditioner! And so for cooking it is also getting more difficult to cook at lunch time I felt specially today, I will start to pre preparing more at night and having more lunch cold bowls and smoothies.

This for example were my meals yesterday:

Breakfast bowl:

-Chia gel (I left 2 tbsp of chias seeds on 1/2 cup of water one night before)

-3/4 cup homemade almond milk

-1 banana

-1 tsp of almond butter

-2 figs

-cacao nibs

Morning Smoothie:

-1 mango

-2 tbsp protein powder (peas/pumpkin seeds)


-topped with coconut flakes

Lunch bowl:

-3 tbsp cooked quinoa


-sauteed carrots

-sautted beets

-roasted chickpeas


-2 tsp peanut/ginger dressing

Afternoon snack:

-2 rice crackers

-avocado smash with lemon juice, hemp seeds and sea salt


-Pumpkin, carrot ginger soup

-roasted chickpeas

-Indian flat bread

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