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30/31 weeks! Getting closer and closer...

Wow time flies and I didn't post since almost 4 weeks...ops! Busy with work and arranging the house and nursery for baby =) I guess Murphy's law really exists hahaha, since May so many people have called me requesting for private yoga classes! So I started teaching some more classes and now slowly gotta let go of some, but it is hard, some students really needs it and I see so much progress and the amazing benefits that yoga give to them =) I feel good and feels great to move however it is making me more tired after teaching now and I think actually more because of the is Summer here and summer in Curaçao means very very hot, specially in the afternoons, it is crazy some days, only Airco, pool or ocean helps!

So yes I have been spending my weekends at the beach and sometimes going for a swim during the week too, water feels amazing and weightless!

But off course also eating well and doing gentle workouts, still feels great to move the body, yes belly is getting pretty big, but I listen to my body so when needs rest I am giving enough rest too.

He is moving a lot and it feels great plus gives a relief to know he is doing well and growing, however sometimes the kicks can be quite intense, also he pressures a lot with his shoulder against my belly!

He is on breech position now, it worries a little bit yes but I trust he will turn as we still got time and space! I will speak more to him and just trust it will all be fine.

Last week was my last appointment with the gynecologist and got my papers and exams prepared so this week I could meet again with the midwife, and from now on only with her =) He is a very good doctor, known in the island and very caring, however I don't feel comfortable to have the delivery at the hospital daily because I cannot be sure if he will be there on the day, plus not having so much privacy, nurses maybe who are new... and the midwife is great and very caring, she speaks to baby and makes me feel more comfortable; and as far as everything is going well I don't need to be at the hospital, it is not a surgery times we will talk more about the big day and all possibilities, positions...getting little anxious but also excited!

And what is on the plate last weeks for the Vegan mom to be?

Well, it hasn't changed so much, still lots of fruits and veggies and plant based protein...but now I am watching even more to have enough protein as baby needs to for his smoothies with plant based protein powder and nut butter, tofu, eggs (yes I think I mentioned I am consuming farm cage free chicken eggs?), almonds, Brazilian nuts, walnuts, quinoa, lentils, and all beans...Between 28 and 31 weeks it is very important to consume more calcium, omega 3, choline and vitamin B12.

Protein packed oatmeal for breakfast:

-oats cooked with water and protein powder

-almond butter



-cocconut flakes

-date syrup

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