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Baby shower and now less than 6 weeks left!

Again it was a long time since last much has happened though!

July 27th I did the baby shower, I decided to organize it; it took me some preparations but also I had the help of friends. We made ourselves the decoration, food and cake and I have to say it was all so beautiful and nice! The theme was underwater, and beach; at one pat of my garden I set up a "beach" looking with beach chairs and beach bar...the main table was super cute with food, savory and sweets labeled, we had "sea cucumber", "seaweed dip", "clam shells", "ocean water", "driftwood", "sargassum"...and the cake, wow it was beautiful! I made the cake itself, was a vegan carrot cake and Carolina decorated with sea characters, turtle, ray, crab...super super cute!

Than also some friends organized some games where people could interact, as writing messages for baby in a "time machine", guessing date of birth, and adopting "a child egg" hahaha . This was very funny, everyone who arrived had to pick an egg and take care of it during the party, and if you leave unattended someone could kidnap; the person who ended up with more eggs would win a prize.

Also after we opened all presents and got lot of cute and very useful stuff, including diapers.

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