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Digestion as a mom to be

I am at the end of 17 weeks now, so it means pretty much only 5 months to go to meet our baby boy! Oh yes did I say it is a boy? =)

By now I figured it out some foods witch give me a big indigestion and the amount of food so I don't feel so bloated and with heartburn after meals. Even so I do feel often...I love to eat! And when comes to lunch time I am super hungry and I feel like eating more, but I learned my lesson...if I eat to much I feel so so bloated..maybe because I am very small and I have less space than taller pregnant ladies? So...I have to eat less and more times a day, sometimes I eat about 7 times a day!

Also a nice tip is to drink fresh lemongrass tea or peppermint tea after lunch and dinner.

One not so nice thing I experience this week was gum inflammation =( My gums has been so sore and swallowed this week...had a dentist visit and was so painful after a cleaning. I changed my toothpaste and it helped me a lot last two days, so now I am ready to go on vacation to see my family and friends in Brazil and eat good food, yupiiii!

So what is for breakfast this week?

Oatmeal porridge again =) and almost every day hehhe. I love it! I eat oats for breakfast since a little kid and I love how it satisfies, don't leave me bloated and its is tasty!

This one I made with almond milk and topped with almonds, dry figs and banana - loaded with potassium, calcium, fiber, magnesium, iron and vitamin K.

Vegan cheesy gluten free brown rice pasta:

-Cream vegan cheese made with shakes cashews, coconut milk, lemon juice, nutrional yeast, salt and pepper. Added some sautéed kale and fresh basil.

With the inflammation on the gums all I wanted this week was easy to chew dishes, so for dinner soup it is!!!

This is sweet potato and zucchini soup made with homemade vegetable broth and spices for digestion.

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