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Month 6: weight gain and sensations!

Month 6 already started, oh my God now it really feels it is going fast, but still 4 more months to go and I am very excited to live everyday these months seeing baby grows! Baby boy is definitely growing as I can feel him more and more everyday, kicks and hiccups are getting stronger. We just went on a family trip to Germany and on the way to go he was constantly moving on the plane; I was very worry about the discomfort and swelling that could happen on my legs and feet, but actually was better than I expected. Yes it wasn't comfortable, but airplane seats are never comfortable anyways...during the flights I used compressed socks to avoid the swelling legs and it was very helpful, also I was standing up once in a while, did some stretches and drank enough water.

And so I was on vacation and with family again I wasn't eating very correct...bread and deserts everyday! But sure lots of fruits too and enough water and teas, plus I was doing long walks everyday, so nice to walk around the cities in Germany sightseeing old monuments, and channels...also we were by the Elbe river, Baltic Sea...and even drove to Poland to visit a very cute city called Wroclaw, I super recommend to go!

Now we are back home and won't be going anywhere anymore till next year sometime... so back to routine and healthy eating to make sure mom to be and baby gets all vitamins necessary. I certainly gained more weight these last two weeks but I believe it will balance it on the upcoming weeks...I don't want to control to much, I think is more important to focus on eating foods with all nutrients needed each month and enjoy pregnancy and some cravings too, instead of counting every calorie; but the sugar is definitely something not healthy at all, specially during pregnancy, so these one gotta say no from now on after all the sugary deserts I had hehe

What is most important to be on the plate for this month? Vitamin C, zinc and vitamin A. That means carrot soup, roasted sweet potatoes, mango smoothie, sautéed kale, papaya, cantaloupe, vegan lasagna with broccoli and zucchini, almond butter cookies, vegan brownie with pure cocoa.... these are just some ideas of what to prepare, so many recipes we can make with healthy and tasty ingredients!

Photo taken in Germany when started 23 weeks, June 1st. More kicks, moves and the love is just growing =)

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