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Yoga during pregnancy - safe? Oh yes!

I have been practicing yoga for 12 years now! Wow that sounds a lot right? You can read more about me and my journey on my site, but I started just out of curiosity and had a weekly yoga class than on and off the mat for couple of years as I was traveling. Than I realized how damn good it feels to my body and as well to my mind! Anyway, I am Yoga teacher now since almost 3 years and I love teaching and to have my own practice on a daily basis, sure sometimes it is only 15min when a very busy day, it can be just pranayama, meditation or a full flow, I just wake up and feel what my body and mind needs =) And now being pregnant it feels amazing plus I know how important and helpful will be for myself during this next months of pregnancy and during labor.

I didn't specialize in prenatal yoga so I read a lot about, spoke to colleagues, did an online course and took a prenatal class (wish had more classes on the island). Even on the first months when I was feeling low energy, it was what gave me the boost! And now I feel like moving my body every single day, as I repeat many times to my students, it is the best day to start your day! So Yes I recommend to every mom to be. If you haven't ever practice before, take it easy and join a prenatal yoga class with a certified prenatal yoga teacher, listen to your body and if there is any pose it doesn't feel good don't feel the urge to do it, but challenge yourself for hip stretches and core strength; it will definitely help you during birth labor and ease back pains, very common during pregnancy. If you had a consistency practice before I suggest to continue it, but join a prenatal yoga class before so you can speak to the teacher to know the poses you should't do it, than when you do your practice at home or at a studio you will know witch variations you can dod it. There is a list of poses you definitely shouldn't do it, those will be deep twists, poses laying on your belly, abdominal crunches and back bends to not overstretch abdominal muscles.

I am 16 weeks and 5 days today and feeling fantastic! Besides my yoga practice where I do poses to stretch and open my hips, strength the core, legs and just move! I also added 3 times a week a short work out routine, as I was used to train before, years ago at the gym, than bootcamp and after Crossfit I do have a very good idea what I can do, however last year I didn't do, but I was rock climbing and practicing Acro Yoga (oh yes this is something I miss a lot now!), I than spoke to a friend who is personal trainer and set a work out routine to tone a little bit more and give me more strength to go through labor and after carry my baby =)

The post today on instagram is part of a Yoga flow I did almost two weeks ago, so at 14 weeks. Also on Vimeo there is a video I recorded to my Brazilian friends who are also pregnant!! It is definitely a baby boom this year as I have 6 close friends pregnant too! This is the link for the class: Class is in Portuguese...

And what was on the plate this week? Well, all the usual good things =) Lots of veggies, fruits, oatmeal, dry fruits, thing I prepared this week I think was the first time I did at home was black eyed peas, it tasted really good !

Simple lunch:

Cooked pumpkin, cucumber and organic tomatoes salad + sautéed warms + quinoa with black eyed peas

Example of a breakfast this week:

-Oatmeal cooked with fresh tamarindo (oh yes it is Tamarindo season again!) topped with dry figs (for calcium), cacao nibs and dry coconut.

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