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Passed half way the pregnancy! Thinking about the birth day...

It is been great weeks during this 5th month, I am so so grateful for this =) To feel good, be able to move everyday, work, teach yoga, do home work outs...and I even gave my first prenatal yoga class! When I first found out about the pregnancy I just knew one person who is also expecting the same time as me, and now have met other movies to be; so I did a prenatal yoga class with some of them and it was so so nice to share what I have been practicing, encourage them to keep moving as it will be so beneficial to avoid back and hip pains, calm the mind, learn how to breath now and during labor (well this part I haven't experienced yet, but as we learn and practice...), and even more important to give each mama time to feel their own bodies, connect to baby and relax!

And as times is passing I have been thinking more (together with my husband as he is been very present and supportive to any decision I make!) about the birth day...that I want to have a normal delivery it is very clear to me and not only normal but natural, but where it is what we don't know yet... I got a book from a friend, who by the way inspires me so much, called "Active Birth" by Janet Balaskas and it is a guide to natural labor, explains so well how the use of drugs affect against on our body during labor and delivery and what are the steps and stages of delivery. I totally recommend it! Yes there will be pain but we have to understand it, know it and use the body and breath to help rather than against it. I still would like to read more, talk to other mothers and stay consistency with the practice of yoga and diaphragmatic breathing* (can talk more about this another time =)).

But back to where I will and would like to deliver our baby boy...this is a decision I still have to make...I was still seeing a doctor, who is a great doctor and very well known in the island, pro to normal birth (witch in Brasil most of doctors are not pro to normal birth! ), however he only attend the birth at the hospital and not only because I heard crazy stories witch have happened in the hospital but also I am not even sure if would be him at the day! This is very scary for me to think that at the most important moment , maybe of my entire life, I will be with a total stranger, who knows how experience he/she has and other nurses maybe trying to rush you... so I had contacted and met already a midwife, who has done the birth of people know as well, and she has lot of experience and very know in the island too. She has two options for the deliver day, either at the Advent hospital, witch is more like a clinic, they don't do anything medical in terms of use of epidural and oxytocin and also no c-section deliver; either way, in case of a c-section emergency I would have to be transferred to the hospital. Next time I have an appointment with her we will talk more about it and see what I would feel more comfortable about it. And also prepare myself to accept as well in case things don't go all as planned, and would need to be transferred to the hospital.

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