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Being with family and friends

Wow I haven't wrote a post since a while, I thought would have more time while in Brasil, but the time spent with family and friends was so good that I was little bit away from internet! Than when came back was working a lot until now... deserved time now to rest and catch up with the posts!

I am 21 weeks now, but let me tell you a little bit about my previous weeks. The most amazing thing it happened and it was while I was in Brasil, was to start feeling baby boy move for the first time =) At first I wasn't sure if it was him or just gases but yes it was him, it is such an amazing feeling of butterflies in the belly. By week 20 I started to noticed also through the belly/skin the little kicks and daddy was able to feel him too.

I wasn't sure if I would go to Brasil this year as tickets were expensive but I wanted so much to see my friends and family during this unique time in our lives, plus a good friend just had a baby, and other 6 are pregnant and one cousin, it is a really baby boom! So so nice to be there with them, share, laugh and have fun. This is by far the most difficult thing about living far away, being far away from them. And to see my mom and dad so happy expecting the first grandchild, it is priceless.

We had a big family meeting/BBQ at my parents house, my husband went with me by the way; and it was such a lovely day with talks, laugh and food, I prepared an amazing chickpea salad with roasted pumpkin and everyone loved it and a guacamole (in Brasil we are not used to eat avocados with food as a savory, instead they eat with sugar hehe or as a smoothie). And after off course lots of deserts, yamiiii my sugar levels were just going up for sure haha . We also went to a wedding, Lu's weeding, most of the time I miss all weddings and birthdays and babies being this time we wanted to be there, it was such a nice night with love, sharing, dancing, laughs and eating too hehehe, the buffet and bites I dint eat as much as were not many vegan options but the sweets, hummm they were amazing!

Every day my husband and I were enjoying the city and visiting friends, eating out too. There are amazing new vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Sao Paulo now, to name some we went: Casa Jaya - this I know very well, it is close to where I used to live and visited many times, not only they serve vegetarian buffet and 2 options of warm plate daily, but also host many activities and yoga classes, Quincho @quincho.sp is amazing, we were there with my cousin! It is a la carte restaurant in the heart if Vila Madalena, the plates we had were delicious and everything on the menu looked inviting; Casa Raw is located in Pompeia/Sumare and also a la carte with many tasty options on menu too, we went there after a morning shopping with mom; Maha Mantra I also knew already and was there 2 times this time, one time with friends and another I took my parents, they have a big variety of food served as buffet and all organic and mostly vegan with a Indian touch, love it! Another one we went with my parents too is Restaurante Banana Verde, also very delicious, but more pricy.

So yes on vacation we end up eating more and also more sweets (at least me hehe) but we have to find a balance and look for healthy restaurants, give preference to organic foods, drink lot of water and not sugary drinks and keep moving off course. A daily walk and yoga at least 3 times a week.

Lunch at Casa Raw (@casaraw) - I had zucchini and palm hearts spagethi with avocado sauce topped with almonds, Arne and my mom had "mandioquinha" witch is a root puree with mushrooms balls and tomatoes/carrots sauce.

The pregnant ladies at Lu's wedding, we went together to University.

My plate from the buffet at Maha Mantra (maha_mantra) - brown rice, beans, kale, quinoa squares, hummus, zucchini and sweep peas with avocado sauce and Indian bread.

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